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Safe eradication of large established tumors using neovasculature-targeted Tumor Necrosis Factor-based therapies
Huyghe L, Van Parys A, Cauwels A, Demunter S, Bultinck J, Hostens J, Goethals A, Zabeau L, Vanderroost N, Verhee A et al.
source: EMBO Mol Med. e11223 (2020)
A reference map of the human protein interactome
Luck K , Kim DK, Lambourne L, Spirohn K, Begg BE, Bian W, Brignall R, Cafarelli T, Campos-Laborie FJ, Charloteaux B et al.
source: Nature, in press
Mechanisms underlying the functional cooperation between PPARα and GRα to attenuate inflammatory responses
Bougarne N, Mylka V, Ratman D, Beck I, De Cauwer L, Tavernier J, Staels B, Libert C & De Bosscher K
source: Front Immunol. 10, 1769 (2019)
Maximizing binary interactome mapping with a minimal number of assays
Choi SG, Olivet J, Cassonnet P, Vidalain PO, Luck K, Lambourne L, Spirohn K, Lemmens I, Dos Santos M, Demeret C et al.
source: Nat Commun. 10, 3907 (2019)
YIPF2 is a novel Rab-GDF that enhances the HCC malignant phenotypes by facilitating CD147 endocytic recycle
Qi S, Su L, Zhao P, Niu X, Liu J, Jia G, Wei X, Tavernier J, Jiang J, Zhen Z et al.
source: Cell Death Dis. 10, 462 (2019)
Straightforward protein-protein interface mapping in mammalian cells
Vyncke L, Masschaele D, Tavernier J & Peelman F
source: Int J Mol Sci. 20, E2058 (2019)
Control of anterior GRadoent 2 (AGR2) dimerization links endoplasmic reticulum proteostasis to inflammation
Maurel M, Obacz J, Avril T, Ding YP, Papadodima O, Treton X, Daniel F, Pilalis E, Hörberg J, Hou W et al.
source: EMBO Mol Med. 11, e10120 (2019)
The small GTPase Arf6: an overview of its mechanisms of action and of its role in host-pathogen interactions and innate immunity
Van Acker T, Tavernier J & Peelman F
source: Int J Mol Sci. 20, E2209 (2019)
Nuclear import of the DSCAM-cytoplasmic domain drives signaling capable of inhibiting synapse formation
Sachse SM, Lievens S, Ribeiro LF, Dascendo D, Masschaele D, Horré K, Misbaer A, Vanderroost N, De Smet AS, Salta E et al.
source: EMBO J. 38, e99669 (2019)
A novel leptin receptor antagonist uncouples leptin's metabolic and immune functions
Zabeau L, Wauman J, Van Dam J, Van Lint S, Burg E, De Geest J, Rogge E, Silva A, Jockers R & Tavernier J
source: Cell Mol Life Sci. 76, 1201-1214 (2019)

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